First Baptist Church of Bandera
Monday, November 12, 2018
Loving God, Loving People, and Making Disciples!



Frequently Asked Questions

What do you believe?

Do I have to dress up?

Wear what you feel is comfortable and appropriate. We do not have a dress code and we certainly wouldn’t want you to worry about this! Some people wear jeans and t-shirt, while others come in “business casual” attire. Some people prefer to dress up, while others prefer to dress down. We are more concerned about your heart and your needs than we are about your clothing. So dress casually and modestly and you’ll fit right in.

What type of music do you sing?

We have a blended service with a mix of contemporary songs and classic hymns.  We encourage people of all ages to worship together so they can benefit from each other’s wisdom.

Do you have a children’s ministry?

Yes, your children will be taught the word of God and have fun singing in our children’s ministry.

Do you want me to give money during offering?

No, we realize that you already have enough to think about when visiting a church for the first time so we ask that our guest not feel obligated to contribute to our offering.

What is communion?

Communion is a portion of our service that allows us to remember the Sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us. Our communion time is spent by drinking juice (His Blood), eating a wafer (His Body), and examining our relationship with Christ. We invite all Christians to partake in this communion.

How do I ask questions that are more specific?

It is Simple, just contact us.