First Baptist Church of Bandera
Monday, November 12, 2018
Loving God, Loving People, and Making Disciples!

Core Values

The following characteristics of our church grow out of our purpose and strategy and reflect our deeply held values.

1st Priority is Jesus - we believe we exist for Him.

Building Bridges to Reach the Un-churched - we are responsive to the needs, hurts and the interests of people within the reach of our church.

Authentic Christian Living - we believe every follower Christ should be continually growing in Christ-like commitment, character and wholeness.

Prayer is Essential - we believe prayer is the most important ministry of the church from which all other ministry is energized.

Timely Messages are Personal, Practical and Positive from God's Word.

Involve Every Member in Ministry - we believe that every Christian is a minister and should use his/her spiritual gifts.

Shared Vision - we exist to make Christ known by:


    ►1. Celebrating God's Presence.

    ►2. Communicating God's Word.

    ►3. Incorporating God's Family.

    ►4. Educating God's People.

    ►5. Demonstrating God's Love.

Training God's People - we believe the Church is a training center for equipping and releasing believers for ministry.